Mind the Audience

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I’m here to help you boost your online presence and, finally, end the struggle of finding new clients. It’s possible! You just need to put yourself out there, let me show you how.


food for thought:

Close your eyes and think how great it would be to focus on your actual work; scheduling appointments, talking to clients and doing what you do best, helping people.

Pretty freaking awesome, right?

Everything is under control, your schedule is booked up, your website looks delightful, your social media accounts are active (regularly) and actually engaging people. All while you sit and sip your [insert a favourite drink] …

That’s the dream, that’s the ultimate goal.

Having painted such a beautiful picture for you, it would be extremely rude of me just to pack up and walk away now, right?

So, how can we make this scenario become your reality?

You run your business, while I work in the background sculpting a new beginning. 

I create your brand, expand your online presence with a stunning website and captivating social media posts (yes, they will attract clients like bees to honey) and deal with the technical issues that occur along the way. 

But first…

Let's get to know me a little, shall we?

  • Who am I?
  • My why
  • Professional background

My name is Joanna Czyzewska, but friends and family call me Asia (read: Asha; yes, it’s not like Asia, the continent...) which is the short form of my name. Why is that? Well... Poland...

I was born in Wroclaw, Poland, where I lived most of my life until a few years ago. Then I got bitten by the travel bug. I have lived in many places in Europe, as well as a few places further afield. I speak Polish and English fluently, but I can also communicate in Spanish and understand a little bit of German and French. Languages go hand in hand with travelling, which is why they are my second passion in life.

You may have already figured out why I decided to start working remotely. My addiction to travel. But why do I want to work with dieticians?

Quite a few years ago (about 15, actually) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto. Since I was a child at the time, I didn’t really understand much and thought I just have to take a pill every morning, and that’s that. Well, not really. As I got older, I began to realise that the pill I was taking every morning is not a cure. It may have made my body function ‘normally’, but it didn’t really treat my problem. The dose of hormones I was being prescribed kept growing and I started to feel like by the time I’m 30, I will be dealing with something much worse than Hashimoto, hypothyroidism. 

When I was old enough to know a little better, and since my whole family is drawn to unconventional and more natural medicine, I decided to look for some alternatives. 

I have explored many different options and guess what I found most effective?

Yeah, you’re right, an appropriate diet. Through trial and error, I found out which products I can and cannot eat, which made me feel much better. What I considered a major success was finally being able to start cutting back the dose of hormones I was taking and getting better blood tests results! 

So, I guess you could say I’m living proof of the power of a well-designed diet. 

I know the importance of your work and I want to help you because I know you can help others and, as cheesy as it sounds, what would the world look like if we didn’t help each other out?

I graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in 2018. I have a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering and two masters degrees: Management and Industrial Engineering with a specialisation in Logistics.

Thanks to the Erasmus programme, I also had the chance to study in an international environment in Porto, Portugal and Madrid, Spain.

My years spent studying in these fields helped me to realise how businesses work from a theoretical standpoint. But it also helped me to understand how all of the links in a supply chain work together (engineering, business/retail and the consumer).

When it comes to my professional experience, I have worked in several different office environments. I was an assistant for the logistics department of an online shop, I was also an intern in the logistics department in an automotive factory. I quickly realised that it was not what I was looking for in my professional career.

After coming to this realisation, I became more interested in the management and marketing side of business. I found a job as a social media manager for Landscape Biennale in Barcelona. I loved the work. That, combined with living in beautiful Barcelona, gave me a sense of job satisfaction I had never experienced before. It ignited my passion for online marketing, so I decided to develop my skills in that area. I began helping my boyfriend manage his online business, which taught me a lot.

In 2018, I decided the time had come to set up my own online business and offer my services as a virtual assistant. That is how Mind the Audience was born. Thanks to the knowledge I gained helping my boyfriend, I was able to offer my services in a range of different areas.

Recently, I also had the opportunity to teach English as a volunteer in rural Thailand. A truly unforgettable experience that has opened my eyes and mind to the world.

My certifications

You may still ask yourself:

Ok, but why should I work with HER?

The answer is simple, and it’s my mission:

I will do my best to make your business stand out online and bring more clients in.

Believe me, I have egg on my face when I think of the past, I once trusted that medicine is the only way for me to feel better… Now I’m wiser and want to help others by helping them find you. As a diet and food geek myself, I understand the importance of your work.

Still in doubt?